0 | Painting | Kota Oneness Artist


Tools:Love, Qi gong, Acrylic, Wood Board

Size:59.4cm x 42cm


Poet | 0

0 when they come



They are coming from 0



They are coming into this side of world

Explanation 1 | Haze


When I'm painting,


I paint because,

some image is coming.


About this art work,

I painted by following the image

that was still in haze by my brush.

Explanation 2 | Concrete - Rebirth - Abstract


"The impermanence of all things"

is the art work that

has higher level of concretion of "0".

But this art was broken,

and it's not exist anymore.


The impermanence of all things


Then I made "Butterfly Stream"

that is for rebirth.


Butterfly Stream


this artwork "0" is

the origin of the 2 art works

also has higher level of abstraction.