The impermanence of all things | Painting | Kota Oneness Artist

The impermanence of all things


Title:The impermanence of all things

Tool:Acrylic, Pens, Wall (paper + wood board)

Size:360cm x 800cm


Explanation 1 The impermanence of all things


2021. Nov /For 2 days

I did live paint on the wall as

"Changing" for the theme.


It is destroyed, removed and unexist

anymore right after the event is closed.


"A white wall was painted, be the painting, lived for a while, and was destroyed & unexist"


The art work is completed including all the process.

Explanation 2 The Tale of the Heike


The beginning of "The Tale of the Heike"


The sound of bells echoes through the monastery at Gion Shoja, telling all who hear it that nothing is permanent.

Explanation 3 Atsumori Taira


About 1000 years ago,

in Heian period,

Heike was the most powerful family in Japan.


One of them, Atsumori Taira was lost and killed by the enemy in the ocean.

He is unexist anymore.


He was 15 years old beautiful boy, and good at playing a flute.

Explanation 4 What protect for

Wearing it


for protecting yourself?

for protecting your people?

for protecting  your public decency?


Is your soul protected?

the film of live-paint