Butterfly Stream | Painting | Kota Oneness Artist

Butterfly Stream

Title:Butterfly Stream

Tool:Acrylic, Watercolor, Pen, Medium, Wood-board, Watercolor-paper, etc

Size:36.3cm x 51.5cm x 2cm


Explanation1 Resurrection


This artwork is the resurrection of

"The impermanence of all things"

which is made by live painting on the wall in the past.


"The impermanence of all things" is destroyed, removed and unexist with the wall.


It is got new life,

and it is alive now.

Explanation2 Butterfly


it is symbol of spirit that changed the shape around the world since ancient time, because of the way to waft sky.

= dead spirit・spirit of the ancestors


Also butterflies are changed themselves much as they growing up,

and fly into the sky from the chrysalises (suspended animation),

they are symbol of rebirth, resurrection and changing.


In Japan, samurais loved the symbol and they designed a butterfly as for family crest.


In Heian-period,

the most powerful family at the moment "Heike" was not the excepcion.

Explanation3 Balloon flower


Balloon flower:Language of flowers


Endless love, honest, obedience

Explanation4 Stream





The stream. Stream of ocean.

The movement of ocean by the gravity of Earth, moon and sun.



Times changing. Tendency of the times.

The impermanence of all things


You might be able to dive deeper into the art work by reading the explanation "The impermanence of all things" which is the source to make it.