4:20(Four Twenty)| Painting | Kota Oneness Artist


Title:4:20(Four Twenty)

Tools:Love, Qi gong, Acrylic, Medium, Wood board etc

Size:42cm x 29.7cm


Poet | I am alive


This wind / this world



by my body / by 5 senses



I can feel



Ah / I am alive



how amazing



that I am alive

Explanation | 4:20


April 20th is called four twenty,

it is the day of marijuana around the world.


There are some countries

allow using marijuana regally,

and have some festivals.


In such the countries,

April 20th, 4:20 sunset time,

people gather in a beach,

and are enveloped in smoke and smile

with rising love and peace.




Today as the benefits,

there is a movement of

legalize marijuana around the world.


The wave reaches to

Japan absolutely.


World is paying attention

how Japan will make the decision  about it.