Blue Dream | Painting | Kota Oneness Artist

Blue Dream

Title:Blue Dream

Tools:Love, Qi gong, Acrylic, Medium, Wood board etc

Size:21cm x 29.7cm


Poet | That was good


I took deep breath.


I do nothing special.


I just stare the sight without thinking.


That was good.


That was good.


The blue sky

hold me by the quiet beauty.


The ocean waves

shake sands under my feet gently/


I, my body

felt and taste what Earth let me alive.

Explanation | Blue Dream


Blue Dream is

name of brand marijuana

born in California, America.


The flower is beautiful blue,

the smell is fluty like blueberries.


It has THC much,

it is popular by people who have

stress, depression, pain etc.


There is deep history with marijuana and human.

at the same time,

nowadays it does not good impression by impression management.



Essentially it is a sacred harb.

and can give human a lot of benefits.