How to see | Important topics | Ba-Wa Cafe x Artist Kota

2022. Jan - Feb / Ba-Wa Cafe / How to see / Important topics

No Touch

The art works are breakable

please do not touch all.


Your smartphone will be your guide

There are captions nearby artworks what have QR cord that let you can read explanations.

You can read them by you smartphones.

Please, Please, use it!

It can make you dive deeper into the art world, I guess.


It often happens what the impression of art works will be changed after reading explanations.

I would like you to have fun included the phenomenon.


Part of artworks is film about 4 mins.

It's live-painting film at a big wall in Tokyo Big-sight by Kota.

You can watch it by QR cord.

or here down below.

Big wall live-painting/Tokyo Big-sight



I welcome to take pictures and share them to

your SNS like instagram !!

For that case,

I'll be happy if you mention kota369art.


※As copyright matter, it is a prohibition to use photos of art works you take for your business & secondary use.


T shirt

There is the booth of hand painted T-shirt nearby casher.

For each 1 / ¥3,500.

Any of them are "only one" in this world.

The part of profits will be contribution for here, Setagaya Welfare.


About sales art works

This cafe does not sell the art works but

It is possible to buy from the Artist directly.

If you meet something you would like buy or be interested, please contact below the address without any hesitation.

[email protected]


Have fun as much as you want

I appreciate you respect the rule,

Please, have a nice time with art!

I would be happy if something touches your heart.




I thank you reading this page very much!!!

I am super happy!


Have fun, and a good time!