Art exhibition at the cafe that is managed by Setagaya Wel-fare | from 2022. mid of January

Kota solo exhibition

About the exhibition


For a few years,

I had traveled around the world alone.


I got hard experiences like I nearly die for a few times.

I got great experiences that can make my view change.


I got the darkness and brightness,

and I decided "I'll do art".


And since one day on the travel,

I started to feel "the everything is one".


Then after I came back to home safely,

for a few years I have been doing art

as "everything is one" is axes.


It is little exaggerate to write down here, but

this exhibition can be the kind of the first culmination.


About the place

The place is not like art galleries,

it is a cafe that managed by welfare as the fate, I feel.

(Setagaya-ku Setagaya-welfare)


It is called "Ba-Wa cafe"

that concept is giving happiness

by offering "place" and "connection".


(Thank you Ba-Wa Cafe!)


It's not an art gallery, it is a "cafe", so

we can talk freely without hesitation.


We can do

seeing art works with having coffee and relaxing,

talking with people, reading books,

doing nothing & just chilling,,,


You might have good quiet times by yourself.

You might have fun times with your friends.

You might have opportunities to meet new people.


I can feel warm when I imagine for each situation.


3 contributions to society


① To let people re-feel "the wonderfulness of  having communications in person".

Our lifestyle is changed much by the pandemic.

We work from home by zoom or telephones, not at the office.

We do not go to trip, outside, events as much as before.


As the changing, people's value is changing too.

It's like we are in the big change wave,

but there are something will not change.

That is "the wonderfulness of  having communications in person".


"People meet each other, and have communications."

This opportunity can be reduced more by developing the science and technology in the future.

But "the wonderfulness" will be forever, I suppose.


Multiple people should be gathered and meet each other by this art exhibition.

It is not Zoom, it is real.

I guess people will re-feel the wonderfulness for meeting in person there.


② To make better effect to Japan's art market.

Someone who is far away from art can be noticed the wonderfulness of art.

If so, that can make his or her sight & world wider and,

I believe it makes better effect to Japan's art market.

(It's connected to Japan's economy too)


③ To let more people know the fact what welfare is exist in this society,

the fact what disability people who work there are exist,

and Setagaya-welfare & Ba-Wa Cafe.


It will be an opportunity to think of

society, other people, and ourselves.

Well,, simply this event is,

just having an art exhibition in a cafe that the welfare managed,




I believe it will be the axes & start

for contribution to society by art above things.

Also I believe it will make good waves that can effect the social accidentally in the future.


I think "everything is one" art can be deeper and more tasty included these society effects.


If you can support & share about this event,

I'll be super happy! Thanx!

The details info for the exhibition

Title of the exhibition:



The theme:

"The everything is one" is the axes for art.

Apx 20 colorful painting art works are exhibited.



2022 / 1 / 20 - 2 / 15

OPEN  Mon - Fri 09:00 - 16:00

CLOSE    Sat・Sun・Holidays

Admission Free



Ba-Wa Cafe

〒154-0002 2-31-6, Shimoouma, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

(11 mins by foot from Sangejaya-station)

Google Map

TEL 03-3414-0141


※Just in case, I recommend you call the number above

before you visit on the day!


I'm still not sure the day of staying

at the cafe as the artist, but I would like to stay for some days.

I will post the info on story for  Instagram.

Let's meet there if the timing is good.