Circle Of Favor

Circle Of Favor

Title:Circle Of Favor

Tool:Acrylic, Medium, Love on Wood Board etc

Size:65cm x 80cm x 2.5cm


Exlpanation 1 Cherokee


When you were born,

you cried and the world rejoiced.


Live your life so that when you die,

the world cries and you rejoice.


Native American


Exlanation 2 Favor




It's called "upakāra" in Sanskrit.

It means "to sympathize with others".



It's called "krta".

It means "Kindness to myself by others".

Explanation 3 Circulation


What you do

What you throw

What you make words・emotion


The everything goes around comes around.


What will you do

What will you throw

What will you make words・emotion


What will you circulate?