Light Waves | Painting | Kota Oneness Artist


Light Waves


Title:Light Waves

Tool:Acrylic, Medium, Love on Wood Board etc

Size:80cm x 65cm x 2.5cm


Explanation 1 Cree

all the warm night

sleep in moonlight


keep letting it go into you

do this all your life


do this you will shine outward in old age


the moon will think you are the moon


Native American


Explanation 2ⅰ Waves/Resonance


The every thing in universe has energy of vibrations (waves).


Light, sounds, water and human, the all are always wavered


So we can find healing in the good waves.


Anythings that resonate each other

meet, spend times, and wave.


Explanation 2Ⅱ Waves/Resonance


When you are moved by something

you are waving with it.

You are with it together.


When you seeing this painting

If something is resonating with you,

you are waving with this painting now.


Then you will be the one

who resonates to others the beautiful waves.


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