Resound | Painting | Kota Oneness Artist


Title: Resound

Tools: Watercolors, Pens, Inc, Watercolor paper

Size:apx 17.9 inches x 14.9 inches


We are born now.

We live, we resound each other.

We die, we're disappear.

The moment of resonance and sparkle.

On earth,

there are variety of creatures that have different lifetime, appearance and ecology.


Someone exists, so the other can be lived.

Some species can live by supporting each other.


It looks like each sounds of life resound and resonant each other,

and play a great music together.

It has been keeping resounding like permanently and unbelievably great since ancient times,

but coincidence or destiny, we exist each other here and now.


We each other meet, share, be lived

and can resound each other for the moment of miracle life.