Trip | Painting | Kota Oneness Artist



Tools:Acrylic, watercolor, pens, watercolor paper, wood board etc

Size11.7inches x 7.8inches


Explanation Chapter 1 Life and death

We trip in Earth with borrowing a material (=a body).

One day, in each timing we return the body,

and we get back to the one which is great.


In the process,

I cut out the paper that I painted, and I integrate it with wood board, then I painted it again.

There are some meanings below:


Paper = Material = Body

Acrylic = Spirit = Soul・Energy

Wood board = World = Earth

Explanation Chapter 2 trip

Going somewhere, and leaving there

Meeting someone, and farewelling the one

Flying high, and diving deep


Standing on now, looking forward, and looking back the tracks

Repeating moving and silence

Pleasant and difficulty

The everything is turned part of me


People trip for tripping