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Alaskan lighter

Alaskan Lighter

I close my eyes, and take deep breath.

Then I light up the lighter gently in my mind.

While the fire is there, the memories of Alaska are  projected brightly.


The ground is unlimitedly wide, far and beautiful.

360 degree, until the horizon there is only nature.

When I take deep breath, the cold wind can froze my nose bit, and can bring me smell of fresh woods.

Like a steam locomotive making white breath with base sound, a giant moose walk slowly and heavily.

In the frozen air, groups of many caribous run like flapping on snowfield.

As not be seen by anybody, a lonely foxy crosses on the road with unsteady steps.

At the moment, one is eaten, and it makes the predator live longer.

I can see the balance and harmony of creatures and  nature are extremely simple and  perfect.



The sky is so much clean, vivid and beautiful.

In the morning sky, the blue is very blue and the sun light is show us scorchingly the world.

In the sunset sky's color is like dropped watercolors with blue, pink, purple, violet, red, orange and yellow.

In the night sky, aurora waves massively, and dances until it as wants to continue with uncountable stars in the background.



People are surprisedly powerful, warm heart, and beautiful.

In the frozen forest, they build house and make everything by their hands.

They change cut old woods to fire for warmness.

They make electric power by solar panels, and they take water up from nearby clean springs as they need.

They respect and thank to animals which they hunted from the bottom of heart, eat meet without any wasted, and use bones and viscera for other purpose.

I imagine, because they better know about Alaskan strictness and coldness than others

the people I met have very warm eyes and heart which are full of love.



One day, a guy who lives in forest looked up the sky, and gave me words from his great mustache with white breath.

"In this society, there are too much things and informations, and it's crazy. Even when people meet, the each other keep looking their own smartphones. In the city, neighbors do not know each other much. At supermarkets, because people only buy tiding meets and vegetables with price seals on shelves, they forget the connection with other creatures, they forget what they are made alive by other lives."

He took a breath for a little while and looked at my eyes, kept to say.

"The truth is people forget the important connection with the Earth. To remember the connection and to treat the connection gently make our hearts and this world be much richer. True “rich” meaning is not measure by money, it can be measured by the heart. Nature always can teach me such as the important things. That’s why this is the happiest way to live in woods for me."


I turned the lighter off quietly in my mind.

I slowly opened my eyes, and took slowly deep breath.

After turning it off, the frozen wind, smells and sounds of burning woods, taste of lives, warmness of people, and many words are drifting and floating as being smoke in me.