Ceremony | Painting | Kota Oneness Artist


Tools:Watercolors, Acrylic painting, Pen, Inc, Watercolor paper

Size:20.2 inches x 14.3 inches


Explanation1 Ceremony

Since ancient time, primitive religion that have been existed


around the world have the ceremonies.


The participants get trance state,


for a long time, they travel in parallel world.


They wear love and wisdom.

Explanation2 Oneness

We are the one.


The everything is destiny,


and it's perfect timing.


The everything that exist in this world is the one.

Explanation3 Earth trip

To understand love,


I forget everything, and I trip into the blue planet.


To know light, I fall into dark.


To know darkness, I go into light.

Explanation4 Tapestry

Good things and even bad things,


the every dots are connected and be a line.


The everyone's lines lie on top of others,


and turned to be the one.

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