I joined the overseas art exhibition from Japan

I joined the overseas art exhibition from Japan

2021. Oct. 22th - 31st

I joined the overseas art exhibition from Japan

・Milano, Italy

・ Fuerteventura, Spain

those 2 EU places were exhibited.


That was digital exhibition which is by latest technology.

They used a big monitor and projector and etc.

There are always some people who can have new ideas in the world...


It's my opinion about this style,,,

・less shipping cost

・less shipping time

・less risks for artworks

= It seems artists and galleries should have some merit.


On the other hand, some people might say this is not real exhibition.


I can say this is absolutely new style of exhibition which suit with now. Probably this style of exhibition will be more popular one. I guess there are some money issues, but it should be nice if some art works are exhibited at big monitors at scramble crossing road in Shibuya, Tokyo or Times square, NY.



This art exhibition was called "Aldila" produced by M.A.D.S art gallery.

The theme was "beyond".


What I did was,

sending about 1000 years ago Japanese  artworks' hommage

which is "choju-giga" and "the flow of the river" into overseas.




"about 1000 years later, reborn as modern art,

and are exhibited by high technology and new style in overseas."

Thorough the all experience, I feel the art works are turned to be deeper ones.



That was very nice experience and leanning!

Howver, only art works traveled into places where i've never been...


and, I feel absolutely the wave of digital is coming to art market day by day.

such as digital art, NFT, VR exhibition and this exhibition.


Thank you!



You can check the video of the exhibition.