Sleepwalk | Painting | Kota Oneness Artist


Title: Sleepwalk

Tools: Watercolors, Pens, Inc, Watercolor paper

Size: 9 inches x 12 inches

Year: 2020

In the long term, only blue and white in the forest

passing through a lot of dreams

keeping walking

keeping forwarding

The creatures are strong, warm and gentle what live in hard nature Alaska.


In frozen winter time, many of them sleep and be in dreams,

tho some of them never stop, and keep moving like caribous.


The breath that they make twinkle in a moment, then it's disappeared in the air.

The sight looks they travel with slipping throw many of creatures dreams.

When I was walking alone snowy birch tree's forest, I could hear little birds singing from the dignified sky.

Then I could feel I was not alone.


If there is a caribou alone travel somewhere,

he or she might think the same.