The flow of the river | Painting | Kota Oneness Artist

The flow of the river

Title: The flow of the river

Materials: watercolors, pens, ink, watercolor paper

Size: 16.3 inches x 11.6 inches

Year: 2021

Explanation The flow of river

Long time ago, there was a poet "The flow of river" by Kamono Chomei who is a Japanese poet lived in between Heian period.

this art work is sublimated as a modern painting art by my view.


Water of river never be the same, it is keeping moving, and circulating purely.

People buildings and times are changing too.

Whenever, any countries, any places are keep changing and circulating.


The mysterious of what something is born, and the other one is die. and the new one is born.

The miracle of what we are exist now in this moment in changing waves.