Horse & Deer

Horse & Deer


Title: Dreal

Tools: watercolor, pens, inc, watercolor paper

Size: 16.3inch x 11.7inch


horses, night, wind, awakening, success...etc

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Spring Thunder

Title:Spring thunder

Tools:watercolor, pens, inc, watercolor paper

Size:16.3 inches x 11.6 inches


deers, morning, thunder, reborn, fortune

Explanation Horse & Deer

The 2 art works are kind of one art work when it’s together.

in Japanese, when the letter of 馬(horse) and 鹿(deer) together 馬鹿 means “foolish” mysteriously.


“馬鹿 (Foolish)” = “Not common, normal or usual”

Which means,


thinking out of the box

being as yourself, no acting

living with own belief

creating life freely

realizing the truth


Originally Everyone is different

Originally everyone is special and beautiful

That is fine as you are

That is good