Spring Thunder | Painting | Kota Oneness Artist

Spring Thunder

Title:Spring thunder

Tools:watercolor, pens, inc, watercolor paper

Size:16.3 inches x 11.6 inches


Explanation Chapter 1 Thunder

In Japanese 春雷 (shunrai) means

“thunder that falls in early spring. thunders that tell people the spring comes”.


Thunder is symbol of gods in a lot of myth.

It is believed like removing evils and make better change.

Explanation Chapter 2 Deers

Deers are spiritual symbols around the world.

In Japanese myth, the god that shapes of deer was the messenger for other gods.

So I painted this with wishing for bringing good news, good lucks and auspicious.


Deers fall their own horns in early spring time as their habits,

and they reborn new horns from spring to summer.


From cold winter to warm spring.
Removing bad, and reborn for better.

Horse & Deer