Dreal | Painting | Kota Oneness Artist



Tools:watercolor, pens, inc, watercolor paper

Size:16.3inch x 11.7inch


Explanation Chapter 1 Infinity

I made the word “Dreal” (dream + real).

The title in Japanese is 夢現,  and I call it “mugen” (it’s the same sounds of 無限 = infinity).


Horses are auspicious since ancient times.

In Japanese myth, they are transportations for gods.


The motif of horse in this art work expresses 左馬 (hidariuma),

and it symbolizes for bringing happiness, successes, and rush of business.


Therefore, I made this art work for helping dreams come true, and pulling infinity possibilities.

Explanation Chapter 2 Awakening

夢現 this word originally is called “yumeutsutsu” actually.

It means “the situation of cannot judge for being in real or dream”.

In this art work I mean it “state of arousal”.

Like being awake but dreaming at the same time,


so that means state of meditation (= state of theta wave).

In this state, people often get great ideas and heal.


Get awakening and infinity possibilities.

Dreams come true.

Horse & Deer