What kind of eyes

What kind of eyes


One summer time, I was alone in Cuba. Sun light make their heads and backs burn without pardon.


Whomp, plink - plonk, Whomp, plink - plonk,

The uniq rhythm of Latin music resound with loud and heavy sounds on the street, but nobody cares.

The classic cars that are repaired and repaired move like a boss around with old climbed smoke, but nobody cares.

There are people who are chatting and laughing with cackling. There are people who are dazed and look down streets from their terraces. There are people who are lazy to be in shops. There are people who are sweating for supply food to each home by a big track. Everyone lives on their times.


People are living today too.

It looks local people like to be outside, but they do nothing, they are just gazing blankly something. Something like that people are at the each terrace of some apartments (5 floors?) and on the street on the right side and left side a lot. The sight was something new and interesting for me.

When I see their daily moment that I unused to see I can feel stronger what I am in a foreign country, and feel happy.

It seems the time here is fluffy.


However, it's steamy and hot what can make me be exhausted soon today too. Sweat flows on my cheek even if I take a short walk outside. Even tho, I want to find something, I try to walk around. And people talk to me a lot when I walk.

"Hey, Chino!"

Everyone says the word with smiling when he or she sees Asia people. The word means Hey, Chinese!.

"Hey, Amigo!"

But if there is some communications little, they call me friend. I feel they do not think strangers are not strangers.

I often meet people who always ask the returns. In fact, they are poor economically, but they are poor because they do not have money and things? or their greedy mind might make poorness? Unsatisfied of lives are seeped out from them, and their eyes are always sharp, and move busily.

I sometimes meet people who are really kind and thoughtful without any returns. It looks they feel pleasure to take action with love. It looks they are happy with their lives, and their eyes are always warm, kind and deep.



"Eyes reflect owns heart"

Suddenly I remember someone's words, and strangely I feel to understand it.


Now, how do my eyes look like?

To be continued