Caribbean sunset

Caribbean sunset

Sun that was very strong in the day is eventually fading, and when sunset is coming silently I was walking at the coast. As sunlight gets weaker step by step, people step out outside more and more. Caribbean ocean reflect brightly beautiful gradation sunset sky. I take a deep breath slowly. I was doing nothing, but was just gazing the sight blankly.


Across the ocean. Beyond the horizon, over there is my country and home where I born and raised. My family and precious people are living there. Here is sunset, and the other side will be morning, maybe? I get mysterious feeling, I am so far away from home, but the home is in my head now.


What am I doing alone here such as the far place? Where am I now? Where will I go?  Today, could I find something? Maybe because the time of being alone is longer, I talk to myself more.


I wonder Cuban people talk to themselves when they are just gazing something blankly? I wonder maybe they think about their mother land Africa where they used to live, but never been and are taken away by Western people long time ago? I wonder how the world is in their heads.



I feel Cuban people are very cheerful, friendly and tough. I imagine the reason why is they've been always in the wave of change.


Long time ago, originally they had lives in other places like Africa. However, one day Western people had power over them, took them away to this island. Then for long term they had to be in hard environment and work as slaves.

Then this small island turned to be the country, but it got evolutions, and had fights with the big country America. And Cuba didn't lose. People often still can see the face of heroes at the time in this country.

Something like that, anytime they tried to struggle and surf for the waves of change one by one even they sometime almost drown.

Now the coming wave is also very big. Cuba restarted to be diplomatic with the ex-enemy America. English songs are started to surround with Latin songs. There is a brand new clean western shop beside an old vegetable store. capitalism is rippled out step by step. Perhaps, the many old classic cars that had been running will be changed to new model cars one day.


Countries and people can stay alive with changing.


Cuba what I saw will be gone. Well, it's not only for Cuba if I think bigger, the things that I saw, the places where I used to live will be changed. The familiar human relations will be changed. Me myself will be changed too.


There is kind of a sorrow emotion for the fact that familiar things will be gone, even the change is for good way. And when the new one is getting familiar, it will be changed too..


While living, we are keeping changing. Even "now" is keeping changing. Now, this sight, friends, smells, tastes and sounds will be changed. Everyone, everything is in exist only for this moment. If I think so I feel "now" is how precious.  And we are able to live by changing, so "changing" should be how precious too.


The sun will be going down, and night is coming soon.  Tonight, I want to eat something tasty for dinner.