Emo-conflict | Painting | Kota Oneness Artist


Materials:Acrylic painting, Watercolors, Pen, Ink, Watercolor paper...etc

Size11.9 inches x 8.9 inches



I am you,

You are me.

We were a big one.


However, why are we hating and killing each other now?


The world is chaos which dyed with darkness,

and there are too much things.

The problems are grew up like as brunches

that looks uncountable and looked together complicatedly.


As we don't notice what we make poisons,

and we eat them, breath them, then get sick, and are suffered.



we cannot even doubt about this

warped reality, common knowledge and society.


We sank down into

what is a little bit of joyful,

what is a little bit of freedom,

what is a little bit of pleasure which can grab easily.


Since when?

Many of us lost important power.


Many of us forgot the important connections with others.

We even lost "to think" from our choices,

and we fell asleep.


To wake up,

getting back the power

and remembering

can be our key of our future.


I ask to my universe.

Only once, in a fire that lights up around for a short,

Will I keep alive without troubles with "them" ?

Will I escape from everything, and run away from here?

Will I just watch it with no heart?

Or will I stand up and fight with "them"?


Can I expend my soul?