Weed | Painting | Kota Oneness Artist


How many times pulling it out,

How many times cut it out,

How much be eaten by bugs,

weed can grow up rapidly with strong life force.


To grow vegetables up, human pulled weed out and cut it out. Even tho, weed can grow up rapidly soon. People think it's hard to do.


Great people said,

"There is a good way. You scatter poison much to ground. Then weed will be blasted and died, and bugs which eat vegetables will be died too."


Ordinary people said,

"If great people say so. But if so the vegetables will be died too, right?"


Great people said,

"It's fine. I produced great vegetables that cannot be died by the poison. So if you use both the great vegetables & poison together your work will be easier and more productive much."


Ordinary people,

"I see, that's way you are great. Nothing wrong if great people say so. I buy both your great vegetables & poison. I'm looking forward to see the happens."


As expectedly, weed cannot survive beyond the new poison attacks.



All of them were gone except great vegetables.


Ordinary people said,

"good. good."


Ordinary people ate the great vegetables which grew up with taking a lot of poison shower.


Thank you, I eat you.


Hmm? Can our human body not be died like the great vegetables by poison?


Great people said,

"It's fine."


In next year, weed came back. They hopped tiny buds around with sounds "boing-boing", and tried to reach the sky again. Then people scattered poison to ground, and the all was died. As same as the last year, only poison proofed great vegetables survived, and they made people not hunger.


Thank you, I eat you.


Hmm? Basically is it no problem to eat the great vegetables?


Great people said,

"It's fine."


In next year, and the next year it always the same repeating. People always won of the battle by weed and people. People always kept eating the great vegetables that grew up with poison shower.


The time past.


Since one day, people were sick, suffered and died.

The sickness was not existed before.


Why? Where does it come from?


As expectedly, people cannot survive beyond the new sickness attacks.



All of them were gone except the great people.


Great people said.

"good. good."



The time past,


When even the great people,

witch means all of the human were gone.


On the ground, if you take a look at it carefully,

Tiny tiny weed buds started to hop around.