Dark days | Painting | Kota Oneness Artist

Dark Days

Whenever it rains somewhere at the city, Vancouver, Canada. At the corner, there is a slum that has abnormal atmosphere. A lot of heroin addicted people are lay down with grabbing needles like old cloths on a street where rats run around and messed up by trashes. At the winter time can be very freezing and froze everything, so people cannot stay alive on the street. But in this city, Vancouver the temperature is around 0 degree, so all of the Canadian homeless people drift to this city.

Once body get heroin inside, for a few hours people forget any worries and loneliness of reality. The consciousness fly away, and soon they turn to be not human being. They look like dolls which are similar to human. Such as the dolls lay down along the streets until the end, and every night somebody die by overdose. The sounds of an ambulance's siren can tell so.

They search food and something that can be changed to money in bins. They search some shelter that can let them sleep with avoiding rains and winds. They are chased by survived lives, and desire of injection again chase them, they  are not able to search themselves.

In contrast, there are high exclusive condominiums that shine brilliantly over the few street.

One rainy day, a big middle-aged man was spitting anger words out roughly.

"Who like to be this shit situation? My family was always not together. My dad and mum did not love me well. I fucked up everything and left the home even there is no place to go... Then for a few ten years, I spent hard and cold days."

rub-a-dub, rub-a-dub,

A few people who sing holly native American song with play a small drum came the street gently. When the sounds are surrounded around the big man who behaved roughly closed his mouth, and got be quiet.  Around the song looks like a lantern envelops people by the warm and soft light. Then suddenly the big man started to drop his big tears aggressively like something that blocked was gone in himself, and like a new born child cries.

Each people have circumstances, like there is always a karma. If there is not much enough love and education at home, the people might walk on hard way. Human is a very delicate and cruel creature. The rains and tears are as if washing out something, so it is cold but also warm what drop into this town and flow. The rains, tears, and humans, to where are you drifting?