I am with you | Painting| Kota Oneness Artist

I am with you

Title:I am with you

Tools:Love, Qi gong, Oil painting, Wood board etc

Size:29.6cm x 20.9cm


Poet | I am with you


The wind is brown


I wonder where the wind comes from


and where will the wind go


The petals


that float in the space


riding on the wind.


I am with you, right?


I am with you.



I will meet you again, right?


I will meet you again.

Explanation | Feeling


After my close people died

I have some moments that I feel them by my side.


Like the moment,


when the warm spring wind cuddle me,

and blow up petals of cherry blossoms into the sky.


I feel gentle, warm and ephemeral.

I cuddle these feelings too.